Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Photo Essay- Eric Narcisi's Sunglasses

So I mentioned in my Boston post that Eric had made the HUGE mistake of leaving his sunglasses on the table at Rockbottom Brewery. Well, for me, it was no mistake. It was an opportunity to have a little fun and be creative for the 11 days I held his sunglasses in captivity. I decided to take a picture of them every day that I had them with a caption and post them on his Facebook page. I have to admit that it wasn't easy coming up with ideas, and I had a little help from friends/coworkers along the way. Since not everyone would have seen them on Facebook, I decided to post them all together here in a blog post. I must admit that I think I'm pretty funny and cracked myself up daily, even through the lamest of photos. The absolute best part was that I thought they were Oakley's for probably the first 4 days or so. When I realized they were Julbo sunglasses, it made it even better because I totally shit on Julbo in a blog post last August. You can read it here. Man was I harsh! Haha. I still stand by every word, though. Anyway, here is my photo essay of Eric's sunglasses in case you missed it on Facebook. I'll post them with their Facebook captions.
Day 1-Rockbottom Brewery in Boston

Day 2- Spot

Day 3- So sorry for your loss. I did my best. Asystole. Time of Death: 0921 04/20/2016

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5- I don't know what happened. One second they were just looking at the view, then next thing I knew, they had gone over the edge! I was able to grab one arm, but due to them being the heaviest sunglasses I've ever held, I lost my grip. So, once again, sorry for your loss.

Day 6- Extra large duffle bag filled with Puma tester running shoes women's size 8 by midnight tonight or they die.
Day 7- Sorry. My dog was just marking his territory when your sunglasses got in the way.

Day 8- I can hear them screaming. Just like a lobster.

Day 9- They got me through some tough times today.

Day 10- I hate to say it, but I really think your sunglasses are starting to fit in here in the Mount Washington Valley. They were even spotted at the North Conway 7-11 this morning. So proud.

Day 11- No Safe Word...I heard that somewhere before.

Day 12- Amy Benard and I went for a run, and she wanted to get in on the sunglasses photos. I had to photoshop the singlet in, and I obviously suck at that, but it was still funny. "Well...your glasses have rejoined the dark side. Sigh."

I gave Eric back the sunglasses at the Big River Half Marathon yesterday. He didn't want to touch them. A little dog pee is nothing. "Omg!! Eric was SOOOO excited to see them again!"
I had to follow it up with a few photos today of my mourning at the loss of the sunglasses. I had to have some closure with the photos, and I have to admit I cracked myself up making these.

We're all in mourning!

I was convinced if I kissed them, they would turn into a prince!

I bought them a card at the Family Dollar

 And there it is. The end of the sunglasses photography fun. I'm sure Eric burned them in a bonfire (where all Julbo sunglasses belong) yesterday since he couldn't get over the dog pee thing. Haha. It was fun, and I laughed so much during this whole thing. Here's an outtake just to give an example at how funny this whole thing was to me. I crack myself up.

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