Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Michael Weinberg Part III

So why am I doing a part III on Michael Weinberg of Worcester, Ma? I could have just let this go. He has complied with law enforcement and has ceased contacting me. So why now? Well, Michael continues to harass friends and acquaintances with comments about me. I thought maybe he was disappearing, but he is not. He's still reading my blog and threatening me to other people. In fact, he's scaring people. I keep getting private messages telling me some creepy person is commenting on their blogs about me. He's using new handles constantly like "The Reaper", "Da Reaper", "Hey", "Sorry", "The Finish Line", etc. They are all coming from the same profile Michael created when I disallowed anonymous comments to my blog. People who have read the two previous blog posts haven't seen the really crazy stuff. I've only shared these posts with close friends. They are downright creepy and people need to see how far this actually went. Far beyond what I put in the other two blog posts. And Michael blames me for ruining him. But these are Michael's words. This is ALL Michael. I am just exposing him so people can see the truth and beware of the potential danger. Most of his previous comments were strange, but stupid (and some still are. A teddy bear? Really?). The ones you are about to read turned out downright creepy and threatening. As with the last ones, each photo reads from bottom to top. Otherwise they are in order. I thought long and hard about this one, but after receiving yet another message from a worried friend last night, I decided it was time. He hasn't stopped and probably never will, so I'm not either.


  1. Manning better than Brady? What a psychopath!

  2. I think Tim Mahoney's brother is a MA State Policeman. I'd suggest passing this along to him.