Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Local Races and a Relay

Get a Running Start women's 5-mile race

In late April and early May, I managed to run a race every weekend. Two were local here in New Hampshire, the Spring into Spring 5K and the 14th Annual Get a Running Start 5 Mile Race for Women. The other was the Cape Relay, and what a blast that was.
I managed to finish first female in the 5K with a time equal to my PR 19:28. I felt great and just ran hard. 5Ks are easy, so it's almost like doing a 3 mile sprint. The 5 mile race was a women's only race held here at Cranmore. I'd never run a women's only race, so it was cool to be first in the race the whole time. I shot right out of the start and held the lead the whole, finishing in 32:32, way better than I expected. I was going so hard, I thought for sure I was going to puke in the middle of mile 4. I was so close. The best part about winning this race was that I won $100!!! My first real monetary award. Sweet!! And I'll take it.
In June, after finishing my WEMT course at SOLO, I ran in the There's a Black Fly in my Eye 10-mile trail race at Great Glen Trails. It was so fun, and I finished 2nd female overall. I felt great in this one, especially after sitting on my ass for nearly a month. It was good to get back out there for a longer distance trail race.
There's a Black Fly in my Eye

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