Waterville Valley 2019

Waterville Valley 2019

Friday, February 13, 2015

Madison Snowmobile Trail

After work, I headed home to grab two of my dogs to run with me. I used to take them on almost every run I did, but since my divorce, it has become a rare thing. They travel back and forth between houses with my son, so they aren't usually here when I run now. I have to admit that it's been kind of nice since I've really been able to expand to more road running, and I no longer have to worry about them instead of focusing on my running. It had started to become frustrating, but I felt guilty if I didn't take them, and they needed the exercise, of course. Since I've been running more on my own now, though, it has been so much better. But today, I really wanted to take them with me. I only had two of the three, but I wasn't complaining.
I had to stay close to home due to time constraints, so I drove into Madison to hit the snowmobile trail. It's a bit risky with the dogs, but since it was still early afternoon I knew the trail wouldn't be too busy. I ran this trail a lot last year, but this is only the second time I've hit it this year. Nothing crazy elevation-wise, but nice rolling hills. It was packed down well (better than yesterday), but still just slightly soft. I just did an out-and-back to make 7.2. No snowmobiles on the way out, but on the way back they were starting to pick up in numbers, and I ran into one huge group just before I was done. It was such a beautiful day to be out and not a bit of wind, even though it had been gusting at my house.
Speaking of, that wind knocked down a tree that is now suspended over my driveway waiting to fall any second. I have a small handsaw but decided to hit Lowe's to get something more heavy duty. And guess what? They don't sell them. Only carpenter saws and chainsaws. I even had someone help me to be sure I wasn't missing it, but, no, they don't sell saws to cut trees there. I was floored. My small handsaw will just have to do when this puppy decides to hit the ground.

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